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Commercial Recycling in the Twin Cities

Customers love green. It’s the color of money, lucky clovers, delicious avocado, and a marker to let everyone know when a business is keeping the environment healthy. In fact, around 60-70% of people in the US say they’re into companies who put effort into recycling. And that’s a lot of potential green in your registers.

In reality, it’s not too hard to be eco-friendly—don’t litter, use less water, stop yelling at trees, etc. You’re already able to handle a lot of what it takes for your company to be green. At Certified Recycling, LLC, we’re here to help with the bigger stuff. Give us a call at 952-894-1448 for discounted rates or send us a message.

We recycle the following:

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You don’t even need to leave your desk to start recycling. We have a fleet of trucks ready to come to your building, load up your recyclables, and be out before you can say, “Wow, Certified Recycling was so helpful and amazing. I should really leave them a review on Google.”

Have a lot to get rid of? We’re big fans of a lot. Call us at 952-894-1448 or send us a message to hear our discounted rates for bulk recycling.