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Residential and Commercial Recycling Prices

At Certified Recycling, LLC, we recycle everything for residential customers and commercial businesses we possibly can.  Please find a list of pricing for many regular items we accept for recycling below.  If your item is not listed, please call us directly for pricing.

Free Recycled Items

  • CPUs, Battery Backups
  • Laptops
  • Typewriters
  • Cardboard (Residential Only)
  • Lead Acid Automotive Batteries

Residential Appliances

Water Softeners $30 each
Appliances Dropped Off $20 each

Less than 15  – we pick up curbside/dockside

$20 each plus a single $25 pickup fee

For more than 15 pieces, call us for discounted pricing at 952-894-1448 or fill out the online contact form.

Residential Electronics

Small Household Electronics $6 per
Printers, Scanners, Copiers $10 per
CPUs, Battery Backups, Laptops FREE
Keyboards & Mouse Set $3 per set
Monitors $25 per
Stereos, DVD, VCR Players $6 per
Typewriters FREE
Satellite Dish & Receiver Boxes $8 per
Vacuums $12 per
Treadmills $35 per
Phones/Cell Phones $3 per
Elliptical/Exercise Machines $35 per


Under 13” $20 per
14”-19” $25 per
20”-27” $35 per
28” or Larger $65 per
Console/Projection Style $75 per

Commercial Electronics

Large volumes of 1,000 pounds or more. Contact us directly for packaging details and discount pricing at 952-894-1448 or fill out our online form.


Button/Lithium Ion $7.50 per lb
Ni-Cad/Ni-MH/Alkaline/Lantern $1.75 per lb
Lead Acid Automotive Style FREE


Single/Twin Mattress $30 per
Double/Full/Futon Mattress $35 per
Queen Mattress $45 per
King Mattress $45 per
Stuffed Chair $30 per
Recliners $40 per
Box Springs (any size) $35 per
Two-Section Love Seat $40 per
Three-Section Couch, No Recliner Ends $50 per
Three-Section Couch with Recliner Ends $70 per
Couch with Hide-a-Bed $70 per
L-Shaped Sectional Couch $75 per – $125 per based on size
Foam Mattress Topper (any size) $20 per


Car Tires without Rims $5
Car Tires with Rims $10
Truck Tires without Rims $10
Truck Tires with Rims $15
Push Mowers/Snow Blowers $25
Riding Lawn Mower $35
Small Gas Power Equipment $10


(All bulbs must be properly packaged. If not, additional fees will apply.)

4’ and Under, Straight $0.75 per
Over 4’, Straight $0.90 per
U-Bent and Circular $2.25 per
Shatter-Shield $2.50 per
HID/Flood/Halogen $2 per
Incandescent $0.30 per
Compact $1.15 per
Broken $2 per

Household Waste

Ballasts $1.50 per lb
Toilets $20 per
Thermostat with Mercury $8 per
Propane Cylinders 20 lbs $8 per
Propane Cylinders 1lb $5 per
Fire Extinguishers $8 per

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Don’t see your item on here? Give us a call (952-894-1448). There’s a chance we’ll still take it.