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Frequently Asked Recycling Questions

We provide Certificates of Recycling and Certificates of Data Destruction upon request.

Additional fees may apply

What forms of payment do you accept?

Certified Recycling accepts cash, check, and credit card (American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa). There is a 2% processing fee for all credit/debit transactions.

I have coolant in my fridge and gasoline in my mower. Do I have to drain these liquids before bringing my items in?

And get your hands all dirty? We wouldn’t make you do that. We’ll take care of any coolant, gasoline, oil, or any hard-to-reach liquids within an appliance or engine-powered machine.

Do you ever turn on devices and go through my personal files?

Never. Security is just as important to us as recycling. We permanently destroy all personal data without ever turning on electronic devices.

What items can you not accept?

We cannot take paints, medical waste, or containers of chemicals.

I built a wall around my couch and now I can’t get it out. Can you come disassemble the couch and take it away?

Sure thing. We’ll even compliment your new wall.

I have an item to recycle that’s not listed on your website. Can you take it?

Chances are we can take it. Sometimes we run out of space to list items on the site, or new products are invented faster than we can update the list (like Amazon’s Echo, which we can also recycle). Call us to be sure.

How Do I Drop-Off My Recycling?

Is it very illegal for me to throw my TVs and appliances in the garbage?

You better believe it. Same with fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, tires, etc.

I doubt I’m in your pickup area. Should I even bother calling you to find out?

You’re never a bother to us! Give us a call and ask—we’ll be able to let you know right away. We may even chat about this nice weather we’re having, too.

Can you take my bin of cans and glass bottles when you pick up my AC unit?

Sorry, we can’t take general recyclables like those.

What’s the point of recycling?

Leaving certain materials in landfills is bad for the air, the soil, and animals—including people. Recycling helps these things stay cleaner and safer, which we think is pretty neat seeing that we’re people, too.

You guys are pretty good at recycling. How long have you been doing this?

Quite a while!

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