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The Exciting New Way to Schedule Your Recycling Pickup!

If you’ve been on our website recently, you might have noticed a goofy-looking TV floating on the right-hand side of the screen. Don’t worry, it’s not aliens watching you (as far as we know). It’s a brand-new, easier way to schedule a recycling pickup!

Introducing Our New Shopping Website!

When you click on that TV, you’ll be taken to our brand new shopping website: order.certifiedrecycling.org. From here, you’ll be able to easily purchase and schedule a recycling pickup in a way that’s similar to shopping on an online retail website! 

You can also use this website to take advantage of our various recycling promotions throughout the year. For example, we currently have a summer-long mattress/box-spring recycling promo going on and you can get the discount by taking the following steps:

— From the shopping website, scroll down to “Mattresses & Box Springs” and click the “Select options” button.

— Select “DC PROMO 1st Piece” from the drop-down menu to request a pickup of your mattress or box-spring.

— If you have more items to recycle, click the drop-down menu again and select “DC PROMO additional piece”. For example, if you used the “DC PROMO 1st Piece” code for your mattress, you would use the “additional piece” option to add in your box-spring. You can add as many additional pieces as you want to recycle using this “additional piece” code.

— Once you’re at the checkout, enter promo code DCPROMO21 and you’ll get a discount on your trip charge!

If any of this information is confusing, you can always give us a call at 952-894-1448 and we’d be glad to help. We’re excited to offer this new service to all of our customers and hope it makes scheduling recycling pickups a breeze!

About Certified Recycling

We’re really into recycling, but we don’t do this just for us. Recycling appliances, electronics, and furniture gets junk out of your space and keeps the planet looking and feeling good. And who doesn’t love looking and feeling good?

So instead of tossing your laptop or microwave in the trash, give it to us. Why? Because we recycle 98.6% of everything that comes through our door. That’s only 1.4% away from perfection. But we’re not here to brag. We’re here to recycle.

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