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Reusing — This Recycling Center Approves!

It’s true, we believe that reducing and reusing are the best options to keeping a healthy planet whenever possible. Recycling is awesome and we’ll always encourage it, but even we can admit it’s not perfect.

Reusing (or repurposing) items prolongs their lifespan, which decreases the energy used to break them down and the pollution that comes from the breakdown process.

Ways to Reuse/Repurpose

There are a bunch of ways to reuse things before recycling them. Here are a few:

Upcycling: Taking something and transforming it into something completely different. For example:

— Turning old pallets into gardening planters

— Converting wine bottles into candle holders

— Using paper bags as wrapping paper or book covers

Donating: Giving your old (functioning and usable) items to charities so other people can use them. You can also offer your books to libraries if you’re done reading them and don’t want them anymore.

Repair: Instead of getting rid of broken products, branch out and try fixing them! You can learn a new skill and even find a fun new hobby.

Recycling vs Reusing

Reusing and reducing are always the optimal choices for Mama Earth. But they’re not always practical or even possible for every person in every situation. We don’t all have time to do it!

If you need to get rid of things around the house and you don’t have the time or means to reuse them, please recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash. The last thing we need is to have more junk piling up in landfills.

About Certified Recycling

We’re really into recycling, but we don’t do this just for us. Recycling appliances, electronics, and furniture gets junk out of your space and keeps the planet looking and feeling good. And who doesn’t love looking and feeling good?

So instead of tossing your laptop or microwave in the trash, give it to us. Why? Because we recycle 98.6% of everything that comes through our door. That’s only 1.4% away from perfection. But we’re not here to brag. We’re here to recycle.

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