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How To Dispose Of Old Or Bad Gasoline

Picture of a gasoline container. This blog post tells you how to dispose of bad or old gasoline.

Did you Google, “How to dispose of old gasoline”? How about, “How to dispose of bad gasoline”? Either way, we’ve got your answer right here! But first, a tale…

There was a ton of snow in Minnesota this past winter. We’re talking record amounts in some areas. This was annoying, but it also led to some serious flooding problems in the spring.

One of our friends got a raw deal when the snow melted and flooded his garage. Thankfully, nothing was seriously damaged. But there was one problem: Water got into a couple of gasoline containers!

How would he fill his lawnmower? Would he ever cut his grass again? The horror … The HORROR!

But seriously, he couldn’t use his gasoline anymore and he needed to get rid of it. So he emailed us and said, “Hey, cool recyclers. Do you dispose of old or bad gasoline?”

“Why we do not, kind sir,” We joyously replied. “We recycle many things, including appliances, electronics and more! However, we do not recycle gasoline. But we’ll help you find a place that will! What county are you located?”

“I live in Burnsville. So, Dakota County, I reckon!” He responded with peculiar fervor. We then summoned our special GPS pixies to locate the nearest hazardous waste recycling center.

“You, my treasured friend, should take the bad gasoline to The Recycling Zone in Eagan and they’ll take care of it!”

And so, onward he went. The recycling center took his gasoline and disposed of it properly. He re-filled the gas containers and mowed his lawn happily ever after.

The Short Answer

Yeah, so you just have to take your old or bad gasoline to the nearest recycling center that handles hazardous waste and materials. Check out this website.

Type in “hazardous waste” in the SEARCH FOR box and your ZIP Code and the website will tell you the closest recycling center that’ll dispose of your gasoline.

About Our Recycling Services

We really dig recycling. We like it so much, in fact, that if you don’t have time to drop off at our warehouse in Burnsville, we’ll gladly come to you. Our fleet of trucks runs routes across the Twin Cities every week, making both in-home and curbside pickups.

To request more info, fill out the form below or call us directly at 952-894-1448.

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