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Category: recycling tips

May 2022 – Recycling Promotions Update

Sun’s out fun’s out! Well, our definition of fun at least—recycling promotions! The weather is nice again and we’re in a great mood, so we figured we’d use some energy to give you an update on our recycling promotions. Here’s what we have going on and coming up… [Read More]

5 Ways To Live Green This Earth Day (And Every Day)

Picture representing Earth Day.

What’s better than Christmas and Thanksgiving combined? That’s obvious … Earth Day!

For real, Earth Day is an awesome start to making the planet a better place, but living green is a great thing you can do every day of the year. Here are a few ways to make it happen… [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Recycling Is A Romantic Date Idea

An image demonstrating our love for Earth.

We’ve been in a saucy relationship with Mama Earth for years. I guess you could say, we love her. There. We said it. We’re in love with this crazy planet!

If you and your lover are tree-huggers like us, we’ve got a hot date idea for you this Valentine’s Day: Recycle stuff! Because there’s nothing hotter than a trip to Certified Recycling. [Read More]

New Pricing Sheet for 2022

Forgive us for geeking out about this, but this is super exciting…We have a brand new price sheet! Our previous price sheet was cool, but this new one is way better because it’s cleaner and easier to read. [Read More]

The Best New Year’s Resolution Idea Ever!

Losing weight’s cool, but there are better goals for a New Year’s resolution. Oh, you think we’re being cocky, do ya? Well, you’d be cocky as well if you happened to have the best idea ever for a New Year’s resolution.

Wanna know what it is?

[Read More]

Forms of Payment We Accept at Certified Recycling

We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately about payment options. We’re always glad to pick up the phone and answer any questions (Really, keep ‘em comin’!). However, we figured it would be helpful to cover this topic right here on the website. Here’s everything you need to know… [Read More]

Reusing — This Recycling Center Approves!

It’s true, we believe that reducing and reusing are the best options to keeping a healthy planet whenever possible. Recycling is awesome and we’ll always encourage it, but even we can admit it’s not perfect.

Reusing (or repurposing) items prolongs their lifespan, which decreases the energy used to break them down and the pollution that comes from the breakdown process. [Read More]

September 2021 Recycling Events

Summer’s almost gone, but we’re just heating up!

Sorry, that was lame. Just feeling a little cheeky today! Goofiness aside, we do have some solid recycling events happening this month. The full list is pretty big (see it here), but here are a few of the bigger events coming up [Read More]

The Exciting New Way to Schedule Your Recycling Pickup!

If you’ve been on our website recently, you might have noticed a goofy-looking TV floating on the right-hand side of the screen. Don’t worry, it’s not aliens watching you (as far as we know). It’s a brand-new, easier way to schedule a recycling pickup! [Read More]

50 Shades of Green [Stuff You Absolutely NEED to Recycle]

Weird title, right? Yeah, that’s an inside joke we probably shouldn’t talk about in too much detail. Let’s just say we were brainstorming ideas and slipped into a silly tangent that got gross (but hilarious) quickly!

But it did give us an idea for a helpful article—50 things you definitely need to recycle! Here’s a big ol’ list of stuff you should send to the recycling center instead of the trash bin… [Read More]

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