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Category: News

June 2021 Recycling Events & Promotions

Summer is finally here! Okay, it’s technically a few weeks away, but we won’t let that get in the way of a good time! June is a big month of recycling promotions for us, so let’s get right to it… [Read More]

Certified Recycling’s 2021 Earth Day Celebration Contest

The most wonderful day of the year is coming Thursday, April 22nd … Earth Day! That’s right, we’re biased and we don’t care. Earth Day is THE best holiday. To celebrate Mama Earth, we’re having a fun contest with a bunch of sweet prizes! [Read More]

Recycling Drop-Off Instructions During COVID-19

Since we started taking COVID precautions, we’ve had some confusion with customers from time to time. It’s understandable, take a look at the board we had at our front door …  [Read More]

Check Out These Summer 2020 Mattress Recycling Promotions!

Saving money is pretty sweet. So is getting rid of an old mattress. Doing both at once? Now THAT’S a party!

We’re throwing that party this summer with our mattress and box spring recycling promotions. Here are a few ways you save money while getting some old junk out of your home this summer… [Read More]

Coronavirus Update – How We’re Handling Our Recycling Services

Certified Recycling will be continuing day-to-day services, but with extreme precaution due to the coronavirus. We’re deep-cleaned and disinfected everything daily. That’s right. EVERYTHING. [Read More]