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Ah, Summer. Time to Buy a Snowblower.

Well everyone, we’re there. We’re onto the second half of the year, the days are getting shorter, and pretty soon (cringe) you’ll be breaking out the snowblower to clear the driveway and drown out the sound of your heavy cursing.

“I’m moving to Fiji.”

Lucky for you, we’re here to fill you in on a super summer secret: This is the lull in snowblower demand. Supply is high and greedy corporations aren’t jacking up their prices mid-snowstorm.

Check out your nearby home improvement store. No long lines in the winter goods department, no sold-out vouchers. And you’ll save so much money, you could swim in it.

Or do this.

And after you gently park your new purchase in your garage between the broken tire pump and the beer fridge, call us to pick up your old snowblower. It won’t fit in your trashcan and your neighbor already read this blog (and probably picked up the better model).

So instead of letting it take up space, schedule a pickup. We’ll even give you a nice link to the pickup page: link. Or bring it by to drop it off yourself. Your snowblower will be gone faster than you can say, “Alexa: Fiji condo prices.”

Snow? What is snow?

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