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7 Time-Consuming Things You Can Do With Your Old Mattress

Got a new bed? Get ready to sleep like a baby. But what to do with that old, ratty mattress of yours? Sure there are loads of logical things you could do (like have it recycled to leave one less mattress sitting in a landfill), but we know there are some outlandish mattress owners out there. So here are some tips for you.

1. Play Human Dominoes.

(Or call us to take it off your hands.)

2. Enjoy a nice merlot.

(Or drop it off at our warehouse.)

3. Practice your aim.

(Or leave it on your curb and schedule a pickup.)

4. Not ride it down the stairs.

(Or bring it in to have it recycled.)

5. Tempt fate.

(Or give us a time for us to come and get it.)

6. Do some trippy dancing.

(Or dance on over to 14305 Ewing Ave, Burnsville, MN.)

7. Play hide-and-seek with the sheriff.

(And when you’re found, give us a ring.)

Had all the fun you can possibly have with a mattress? Time to contact us to learn more and schedule a pickup. Sleep tight!

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