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5 Steps To Properly Curb Your Fridge For A Recycling Pickup

Refrigerators and freezers are amazing appliances when they work. Once they break, they’re just huge wastes of space. But since they’re heavy and a pain in the butt to move, they often stay put and become junk tables.

Fortunately, you don’t have to strain yourself by hauling your fridge or freezer to a recycling center. Companies like us will pick them up for ya! Curbside pickups take away the hardest part of recycling, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take any steps to prepare.

Picture of a blue refrigerator on a curb waiting for a recycling pickup.

5 Steps to Make Your Recycling Pickup Go Smoothly

1) Remove the doors or tie them shut. Small children are often tempted to play inside these items. Removing temptation helps avoid safety problems. If you can remove the doors completely, that’s great, but it’s perfectly fine to tie the doors closed as well.

2) Clean it out! Make sure you remove items like food, ice cream, your stash of cash, and other things like that. Seriously, it’s amazing how often people put their freezer or refrigerator to the curb full of rotten food. We are not robots, we have noses!

3) Don’t try to hide other hazardous waste or chemicals inside of it. Please, for our safety, don’t put hazardous materials inside anything you want to recycle. 

4) Keep it off the street. A hulking appliance on the road could be dangerous to drivers and even pedestrians. Put the fridge or freezer at the very end of your driveway or in the yard right next to the driveway. Some circumstances might be trickier depending on where you live, but the goal is to avoid blocking the street.

5) Confirm your scheduled pickup with us (or whoever your recycler is). It can be frustrating when you have an appointment scheduled but then plan for the wrong time or date. Call your recycling company ahead of time to solidify the pickup details. You’ll be on the same page and it’ll everything go smoothly.

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We really dig recycling. We like it so much, in fact, that if you don’t have time to drop it off at our warehouse in Burnsville, we’ll gladly come to you. Our fleet of trucks runs routes across the Twin Cities every week, making both in-home and curbside pickups.

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