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4 Easy Ways to Live Green and Recycle This Fall

When it comes to cleaning out their homes, most folks wait until springtime to declutter and recycle unwanted items. But why wait for blooming flowers and April showers when Mama Earth’s pumpkin-spice-flavored season is here now? Fall is a great time to remove old junk from your home – the air is cool, the leaves are changing, and 2023 is approaching.

Since you’re already cleaning out your closet, why not try and live a greener life for the rest of the year? After all, green living is about more than tossing bottles, plastics, and paper in your recycling bin. It’s about repurposing items and giving new life to old things.

So, break out your favorite beanie or sweater and use these recycling tips to make Minnesota a better place to live and play this autumn!

1) Recycle Items from Summer Barbecues and Backyard Cookouts

If there’s one great thing about summer, it’s the chance to gather with friends and enjoy a backyard barbecue. From sizzling-hot burgers to ice-cold beverages, there’s nothing like calling your best friends and neighbors over to celebrate warm weather and pool life.

If you’re like many Minnesota homeowners, you probably had your fair share of backyard barbecues this past summer. If so, you’ve probably got a bunch of cans and other items ready to be recycled.

This fall, check your outdoor garbage cans, garage, and backyard for recyclable items like:

·       Glass Bottles

·       Aluminum Cans

·       Aluminum Serving Trays and Foil

·       Plastic Jars or Bottles

·       Disposable Bakeware

Certified Recycling Pro Tip: You know all those items you’re chunking in your recycling bin? Some of them might be eligible to turn in for money. Call Certified Recycling today to learn more about green recycling and how you can turn your recycling trash into cold-hard cash.

2) Use Recycled Items for Halloween Costumes

If you’ve got younger kids or family members, help teach them the joys of recycling by using reused materials to make Halloween costumes or Thanksgiving decorations. It’s amazing what you can make with a few patches of fabric and cardboard.

By encouraging your little monsters to create their own costumes and trinkets, you’re communicating the value of recycling and fostering creativity. Plus, you’re helping the environment because you’re not buying or disposing of store-bought costumes containing hazardous chemicals.

3) Start a Compost Pile

Did you know that composting at home can reduce the amount of trash your family sends to the landfill every year? With all those leaves around the yard that you don’t feel like bagging up, fall is a great time to start or continue composting.

If you’ve never composted before, it’s easy. Pile up all your food scraps, garden waste, and organic matter, like fall leaves. Make sure the pile is a little damp, and go on about your business. Over the next few days and weeks, your pile will rot. With time, it will produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment that helps your plants and veggies grow big and beautiful.

Certified Recycling Pro Tip: For the best compost pile, alternate dry brown material like dried leaves with wet green matter like yard clippings or food scraps. Don’t forget to throw in one or two scoops of soil, too.  

4) Declutter and Donate

When autumn is in full swing, the trees know it’s time to drop their leaves. Follow their lead and drop off your old, unused items at Certified Recycling. We can recycle a long list of your least favorite things, from shabby furniture to outdated electronics. If you don’t have time to drop off at our warehouse in Burnsville, we’ll come to you. Or, if you prefer, you can give back to the less fortunate and donate items to your favorite charity.  

Contact Us Today for Your Fall Recycling Needs

Why wait for spring cleaning? If you’re looking for a fun, feel-good way to get junk out of your house, go green and get to recycling this fall. Recycling household items declutters your space and keeps the planet safe and looking great. At Certified Recycling, we’ll take as many of your recyclables as we can handle. Contact us today to learn more!  

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