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3 Reasons Why Recycling Is A Romantic Date Idea

An image demonstrating our love for Earth.

We’ve been in a saucy relationship with Mama Earth for years. I guess you could say, we love her. There. We said it. We’re in love with this crazy planet!

If you and your partner are tree-huggers like us, we’ve got a hot date idea for you this Valentine’s Day: Go to the recycling center! Because there’s nothing hotter than a trip to Certified Recycling.

Here are a few reasons why a visit to the recycling center makes for the perfect date night.

1) It’s the opposite of a toxic environment

Throwing recyclables into the garbage creates a suffocating relationship with the ecosystem. A recycling center helps everyone breathe easy and have a good time!

2) You’ll show consideration and appreciation

If you drain your significant other of all their time, money and energy, then you’re a total jerk. It’s also pretty mean to take from our environment relentlessly.

Recycling shows consideration and appreciation by helping save our natural resources.

3) There’s nothing sexier than a person who cleans

Remember the last time you didn’t clean up around your place? You probably got the coldest shoulder since the ice age (I know, I know. There have been multiple ice ages. Pick one).

Nothing makes bae’s heart swell with desire like coming home and seeing it clutter-free. In a similar way, nothing makes Mama Earth happier than keeping our crap out of landfills.

Throwing away appliances can be illegal in Minnesota, but it can also deplete the ozone and ruin habitats and quality of life. On top of all that, it just makes the place look trashy.

Don’t be trashy, be recycle-y.

February Recycling Coupon

You can tell by our passion that our love for Mama Earth is unconditional. So, in honor of this eternal flame, we’re offering you a coupon … a sexy coupon.

For the entire month of February, bring in this coupon and we’ll recycle your old or broken appliances for $10 off our regular pricing. Need to recycle a mattress or box spring? We’ll recycle the first unit for $30 and only $25 for each additional unit.

About Our Recycling Services

We really dig recycling. We like it so much, in fact, that if you don’t have time to drop off at our warehouse in Burnsville, we’ll gladly come to you. Our fleet of trucks run routes across the Twin Cities every week, making both in-home and curbside pickups.

Just request a pickup by filling out the form below and we’ll handle the rest, or call us directly at 952-894-1448.