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Certified Recycling Blog

Switching to 5G? Here’s How to Get Rid of Your Old Phone

5G is here to stay, whether you want it to or not. In 2021, approximately 89.5 million 5G-enabled phones were shipped to homes and businesses. That’s an increase of 33.4 million. Preliminary stats for 2022 show even more 5G devices are being shipped, especially with the holidays around the corner (are your holiday decorations already up?). That’s a lot of devices and a lot of money for smartphone manufacturers.

Unfortunately, that means many older phones are showing up in landfills. That’s especially concerning for us here in Minnesota – when electronics sit in landfills, chemicals often leach into our soil and groundwater. If you’re the happy new owner of a 5G phone, or you’re expecting to get one for the holidays, do yourself a favor – don’t throw it in the garbage. It could really hurt our environment. 

Instead, try one of these safer suggestions.

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4 Easy Ways to Live Green and Recycle This Fall

When it comes to cleaning out their homes, most folks wait until springtime to declutter and recycle unwanted items. But why wait for blooming flowers and April showers when Mama Earth’s pumpkin-spice-flavored season is here now? Fall is a great time to remove old junk from your home – the air is cool, the leaves are changing, and 2023 is approaching.

Since you’re already cleaning out your closet, why not try and live a greener life for the rest of the year? After all, green living is about more than tossing bottles, plastics, and paper in your recycling bin. It’s about repurposing items and giving new life to old things.

So, break out your favorite beanie or sweater and use these recycling tips to make Minnesota a better place to live and play this autumn!

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Certified Recycling is a Nextdoor 2022 Neighborhood Favorite Local Business

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re a local favorite in the Burnsville community!

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Get in on These Hot Recycling Promotions Before it’s Too Late!

We keep busy throughout the year, but spring and summer are usually packed with recycling promotions and events. We’ve got a couple promos running right now, but they’ll be over before you know it. Take advantage of these recycling deals before they’re gone…

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The Big List of What Shouldn’t Go in a Recycling Bin

A person holding a recycling bin.

Question: What can go in a recycling bin?

Answer: Plenty of household items like plastic bottles/containers, food cans (rinse them out, please!), paper, cardboard, and glass bottles/containers.

But perhaps there’s an even bigger question…What shouldn’t go in a recycling bin? See that? We’re real philosophers over here at Certified Recycling 😏.

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5 Steps To Properly Curb Your Fridge For A Recycling Pickup

Refrigerators and freezers are amazing appliances when they work. Once they break, they’re just huge wastes of space. But since they’re heavy and a pain in the butt to move, they often stay put and become junk tables.

Fortunately, you don’t have to strain yourself by hauling your fridge or freezer to a recycling center. Companies like us will pick them up for ya! Curbside pickups take away the hardest part of recycling, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take any steps to prepare.

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May 2022 – Recycling Promotions Update

Sun’s out fun’s out! Well, our definition of fun at least—recycling promotions! The weather is nice again and we’re in a great mood, so we figured we’d use some energy to give you an update on our recycling promotions. Here’s what we have going on and coming up… [Read More]

5 Ways To Live Green This Earth Day (And Every Day)

Picture representing Earth Day.

What’s better than Christmas and Thanksgiving combined? That’s obvious … Earth Day!

For real, Earth Day is an awesome start to making the planet a better place, but living green is a great thing you can do every day of the year. Here are a few ways to make it happen… [Read More]

2022 Earth Day Celebration Giveaway

In honor of Global Recycling Day, we have a huge announcement…Our annual Earth Day contest! Since April 22nd (Earth Day) is THE best holiday and we want to celebrate Mama Earth, we’re having a fun giveaway contest with a bunch of sweet prizes! [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Recycling Is A Romantic Date Idea

An image demonstrating our love for Earth.

We’ve been in a saucy relationship with Mama Earth for years. I guess you could say, we love her. There. We said it. We’re in love with this crazy planet!

If you and your lover are tree-huggers like us, we’ve got a hot date idea for you this Valentine’s Day: Recycle stuff! Because there’s nothing hotter than a trip to Certified Recycling. [Read More]

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